Uncontested leader in the range of high quality helmets, Max is now the most leading edge in the field of technological innovation applied to a product, the motorbike helmet that, under the ephemeral aspect of beauty, conceals the extreme safety of quality. Born forty-five years ago by the passion of its founder Massimo Spriano, Max still produces its 100% Made in Italy helmets in Monferrato (Piedmont). In recent years, more than 4,000,000 helmets have been shipped to over 28 countries. Quality, passion and innovation have made the success of Max quality helmets: from the first original memorable jet 70s models up to the most modern and technological versions with customized, scratched and “scratch” finishing.


For Max helmets, product design is a key factor, because it is one of the elements which the public immediately compares with. In Made in Italy design helmets produced by Max, every motorcycle enthusiast can recognize a part of himself, of his passion, of the emotion of each journey. Every year technology progresses rapidly, so every day our designers increase their knowledge transferring the most advanced innovations in the productive processes of helmets: laser perforated steels, honeycomb and aluminum structures, in order to lighten the structure. Many new materials are applied in Max caps, visors and helmets interior: carbon fiber, stainless steel, honeycomb, aluminum, Kevlar, polycarbonate and technological, hypoallergenic and antistatic fabrics.The combination between the search for new technologies that ensure safety, strength and lightness, and the best Italian craftsmanship that enhances the elegance and the attention to detail with exclusive handmade stitching, wins in each of our models. For this, famous international brands have chosen Max as partner, that created exclusive fashion helmets absolutely in step with the vision of each brand. Among the best known there are “Vespa”, “Piaggio”, “Momo Design”, “Gucci”, “Cromwell”, “Borsalino”, “Ferrari”, “Ducati”, “Laura Smith”, “Trussardi”, “Louis Vuitton”. 

Processing Steps

To create a quality product, it is not enough to have good ideas, but it also needs an ancient knowledge passed down from one generation to another. Carefully designed and produced in the best tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship, our helmets begin to take shape after the moulding of the cap in high-strenght materials. The painting and labelling phase gives each helmet his “personality” with the most valued colors in the fashion industry. After an initial quality control that immediately ensures Max quality, the helmet moves to the next stage where it is embellished with fine leather and handmade stitching according to the ancient tradition of master saddlers.

Then, a second quality control ensures compliance with Max strict standard. The helmet is completed with the inclusion of an internal, especially designed with breathable and hypoallergenic materials to guarantee the maximum comfort, with a special care, as always, to Max elegance and refinement. After a third quality control that guarantees its perfection, the helmet is ready to meet the different needs of each rider.